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Clock tower February 23, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in clock tower, contests, news, secrets.

the new clock tower came out today! heres a pic… 

 clock-tower.JPGsadly it not a room but there is a secret

the writing says “by g” in code heres a pic byghy2.jpg

fire a snow ball at the target on the clock tower to power it!

also if you look through telescope you will see a mesage in a bottle

heres a pic…bottle-message.png

i wonder what it will say… IMPORTANT: send in ideas of what it could say and the penguin who gets it right will recive the first package of money in clubpenguin it will be something like 10000 coins + a hoodie and a e guitar all u need to do is send me a e-mail with your user name and password dont worry i wont hack! i hate hackers!



1. taylor - February 24, 2007

User name:Queen Tay

deltatroopers comment: banned for 11 hours ):

2. Rockinlatin - February 24, 2007

For me it is a letter that says that Rockhopper can not came to visit us so his brother will come to Club penguin

3. ShineyGrillz - February 24, 2007

I’m Not Sure But My Guess Is That It Says That The Rockhopper Will Be Comming Back Soon !And I Think It’ll Be In The Newspaper But Hey Thats Just My Guess. Then Again It could Say Someone Els Is Comming To Visit Never Know What It Says!!!

4. deltatrooper - February 24, 2007

thanx for the guesses!
if u win send a e-mail to jackfkav@hotmail.co.uk with ur useer name and password to get the prize!!

5. em - February 24, 2007

jack i have a secret
u go to the catalouge and click on the pizza stick thing and a fish appers cool

6. deltatrooper - February 24, 2007

thanx em every easy cheat but thanx
i think i sent out the catalogue secret earlier

7. deltatrooper - February 24, 2007


8. me - February 25, 2007

what does “by g” do?

9. deltatrooper - February 27, 2007

its g the secret agent saying he made it!

10. kamil - March 2, 2007

hi my name is on club-penguin i relly need to know what is the secret and what deos tne word standes for byg and i relly need to know is there a new room ander the clock tower plz plz somone answer me plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. yo mamma - March 3, 2007

deleated for bad content!

12. deltatrooper - March 3, 2007

look dude it isnt hard to know hes the penguin who made it so it says by g his name is g and its by him!!!!!!

13. Teyah - November 9, 2007


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