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NEW GAME CHEATS!!! February 27, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in new game cheats!, new game!, news, pins, secrets.

new game! CHEATS!!!

i know how you can double the ammout of money you get on the new game ( u nomaly get 5 coins a pizza now you get 10!)

heres a pic that shows you were to click

pizzatron300secret1.png if you cant see it its the lever

heres a pic of the party for the new game!


click for bigger image!



1. sophia/jhfuhgdj - February 27, 2007

cool. this must be worth double the money? right? 🙂 😀 where did u find this out?

2. patsrule33 - February 27, 2007

wow thnx a lot this really helped me.ware do u find these things out??

3. blah blah! - February 27, 2007

liar thats just the weet pizza you get more!

4. ndigf - February 27, 2007


5. thecheatmaster - February 27, 2007

i no a cheat go tot he dojo stay for 30 mins. 3 blue penguins will come they will ask u if u want to be a ninja say yes relly fast of thel go away

6. Crystel - February 28, 2007

thecheatmaster what is the dojo?

7. deltatrooper - February 28, 2007

the dojo is place where u can hide out for a while its got a romor you can be a ninja but its not true
the cheatmaster that cheat dosnt work i’ve knwn it for so long!
i find these things out because i know what clubpenguin are like with levers and keys and that stuff
i found it by just looking at the stuff on the screen every time it changed!
😀 thanx alot for visitin my webie!

8. Nehal - February 28, 2007

Well, It is kinda intresting. But I was still bored!

9. Nehal - February 28, 2007

Could do you do some other secrets that would keep everyone on?!

10. deltatrooper - February 28, 2007

i’mm sorry nehal but i didnt make the game so if its boring thats not my fault the cheat is for thoses who like the game but want more money also i cant make cheats or secret i find them i might be able to find some soon but i’m not sure there are more
if i do i’ll post them 😀

11. Sabre2th9 - July 12, 2007

there was a rumor that if a lot of people dance at the dojo, a secre door would appear. is that true?

12. Alivona - October 7, 2007

there is a romer dat u can tip the iceberg if anuf penguins dance on 1 edge-is this true?

13. nadia - November 3, 2007

i do not get it

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