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Moving objects ( recap ) March 1, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in news, recaping, secrets.

hover over the red puffle in the pet shop make him jump

 hover over the black puffle to make him squint!

hover over the horse in the loft of the ski lounge to make it wobble!

hover over the tubes in the dock to make them bounce!

hover over the buket and spade after you load it 3 times it tips over to make a castle ( i might have a pic ) then smash it down and put the spade in the buket.

in the ski lounge you cant put out the candle by hovering over

 to make the puffles jump hover over them! ( old )

hover over the cash regesters in all the shops that have then to make maney come out!

hover over the book in the pizza parlor to turn the pages

hover over a packet of puffle os in the pet shop to open it and see a green puffle eating

hover over the fish in the pet shop to make it jump!

hover over speakers in shops to vibrate them ( sports shop and gift shop not pizza parlor!)

here are some pics…full-buket.JPG

click for bigger image


click for bigger image


click for bigger image!



1. the man! - March 2, 2007

Hi this is jerona and i can get you 10000000 coins in 1 hour from the time i get your email!I sware to god i not bann or hack or rune! Just email me you user name and password to gummer2rules@yahoo.com .


2. JARoD 458923 - March 2, 2007

how can i trust u? i will not go to your site till u convince me.==__OvEr AnD oUt__==

3. Anonymous - March 2, 2007
4. deltatrooper - March 2, 2007

sorry the man i dont need your help and evn if your not gonna scam people dont ask for user names and passwords i’ve stoped because passwords are peoples privacy
(: 😀 (: 😀 (: 😀

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