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Free items from rockhoppers ship! (and book room) March 9, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in free items, new book, news, rockhopper!, secrets.

two kool new items came out today!

to get the braclet go to the book room and look in this book!

( turn to last page)


turn to last page!


free-item-fron-ze-rocker.JPGnew pirate shoes!!!



1. Berryc00l - March 14, 2007

hey nice edits on these pics!
*Check ou tmy site sometime at:*
Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything! 😉

2. deltatrooper - March 18, 2007

kk thanx berryc00l

3. goddessmomo - March 18, 2007

Hey wondering if you could stop by and give me some feedback on my newer clubpenguin blog. I am still learning how to use wordpress, so please if you can find the time stop by http://goddessmomo.wordpress.com . I think yours has turned out nice

4. Bracesgrrl - July 18, 2007

hey i was wondering if u could give me that free item

5. Ephrem - October 3, 2007

i need to get that bracelet too!

6. kitty237 - October 9, 2007

wow thanks 4 that, the bracelet is SO cool!!

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