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U.M.A battle! April 11, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Black raider recruits, kool pictures, news, secrets.

A few days ago i battled a army called the U.M.As (the underground mafia army) and they had lots of recruits

I don’t know how this army started but when i first encountered this army it was in the ice rink about 12 U.M.A s were there only 7 hokey players and one of which was a girl.the U.M.As came in yelling UMAS and throwing snow balls at others so i fought back and so did the hokey players and so did the girl i remember her saying” the 300 spartens will win! ” and we did, one of the U.M.A s told his followers to retreat to the boiler room. I figured that they were going to do something bad so i followed once there i saw about 20 U.M.A s all throwing snow balls at 10 or 11 causeties who oh course wouldn’t take any nonsence so fought back i disided to help them heres a pic of what happen as the fight died down…                                !!!!!click for bigger better image!!!!


after that the U.M.As went to the snow forts luckily no one was there so they went to the agent H.Q unfortuantly some of you may not be agents so i can’t show a picture although nothing much happened to me they just fought alot and failed.

then they split up because of there no capain some stayed and the most went to the dojo where they put up a good fight but no match for me and my Allies heres a pic…uma-lose.jpg

after that many logged off so i did aswell but the point of this was to tell you that i have an army called the black raiders and although i have many penguins in it i need more so if you want to join and defeat this army of chavs post a comment with your clubpenguin name and what you want to be in description ( you can chose wether you want to do this or not ) eg: skilled aim-er eg: Mad bomber! also if you are in an army and don’t like the U.M.As post your army name your penguin name and i will put you down as an Allie :D.



1. slpree - July 6, 2007

I quit the UMA and stared the CPAF Club Penguin Armed Forses will you be allies with us cuz we have 40 trups and u dont want to get on our bad side
Secret Editors comment i once fought the Dark raiders in a battle and i lost i’m in the dark raiders now and its your who dont want to get on our bad side.

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