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New stuff April 13, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Black raider recruits, kool pictures, news, pins.

theres some new stuff happening today like the stage in the light house…


i also took afew pics…

rock-out.jpg i like two rock out!


simon-cowl-judging-my-band.jpg simon cowl judged my show!

also i am still recruiting black raiderz or (Dark Raiders)

so i made a new web called… theblackraiders.wordpress.com

go there or here  and leave a comment saying your penguin name and that you want to join!

also the pin is in the lighthouse beacon and there are some new posst cards!



1. fabfaces - April 14, 2007

hey fab-u-lous!
kool simon there!
i want to see him too lol!
stay fab as me at
http://www.clubpenguingirls.wordpress.com today 🙂 !

2. deltatrooper - April 14, 2007

you might beable to
kool webie add me to your blogroll plz

3. Jakzar - April 15, 2007

Hi Delta! Nice Pics. About Simon Cowell. Just to tell ya, I’m English, and Simon ain’t that posh. lol. He’s really rude.

4. deltatrooper - April 17, 2007

yea i know i’m english too 😀

5. Berryc00l - April 21, 2007

i love the new stage! i hope you can make it to my ten thousand hits party tomorrow, see my site for more info!
*Check out my site sometime at:*
Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything! 😉

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