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Party and new Stuff!!! April 23, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in new party, news, secrets.

i’m having a over 5000 hits party next saturday and sunday the 28th and 29th its gonna be a blast if you come so please do its in mamoth and my igloo will be on the map as deltatrooper as i am delta.Also still recruiting Black raiders or Dark Raiders so if you wanna join just tell me your penguin name!!! 😀 heres the invite for my partay!…


its kool. Also if you attend my party i will publish your penguin on my webie and put a link to your site if you have one!

sorry for not updating the news but i went to devon on fri till 2 am on saturday so i couldn’y post anything but heres what i got…

to get throne just click on throne on the princess throne heres a pic


kool huh also to get the big screen tv click the lcd of lcd tv

bigscreentv.pngkool it gets better though billy-bob has arranged a pirate party heres a pic

shiphold.gifnice huh? well recently i have been looking for more glitches and i found this relly odd one…


click for bigger picture!

well thats all for now later!



1. fotis01 - April 23, 2007

5500 hits? I reached you! I have 6000!

2. deltatrooper - April 24, 2007

i know its not about how many hits you have its about how much you enjoy clubpenguin and how good your site is

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