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Scared! May 9, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in accidents!.

I accidentally swore in the pool today i apolagised to clubpenguin and everyone in that room i said when the crab came past cra——p instead of crab!

i hope i dont get banned have your fingers crossed that i dont! )-:

no picture i was to worried when i swore…



1. fotis01 - May 9, 2007

cra**p? What’s this? I hope you won’t get banned.

2. deltatrooper - May 9, 2007

without the asterisks its a swear but it might not be in america eathir way i hope i dont get banned

3. deltatrooper - May 9, 2007

😥 stil not banned hope clubpenguin understand

4. Dialga - May 9, 2007

“crap” isn’t much of a swear, it just means stuff like “darn!” or “Aww man!” That’s all so you won’t be banned. I say crap all the time and i don’t get in trouble, well I used to, now I say damn it all the time, HELL YEAH!!! And that.

5. freeman777 - July 24, 2007

how can u do p instead of b there seperate by a massive space!!!

6. the non happy kaderkid(because urgone forever) - February 18, 2008

crap is not a swear woed dude!

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