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I’M A PENGUIN GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! ( contest by jakzar ) May 15, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in contests, news, pins, secrets.

Hi!I’ve got a new competition on the site! There are 10 penguins, but only 1 may stay! Choose who you want to vote for! The Penguin with the least votes in the end will have to go! The last surviving penguin will be the winner! Good Luck! Here are the penguins taking part:

  • Dendo Guy
  • Paintboy100
  • Antras
  • Sf1998
  • Nikki and Faith
  • JC4×4
  • Sanity1 (Sanitypenguin)
  • Deltatrooper
  • Fotis01
  • Holagurrl25

Good Luck Penguins! I have only used famous ones that most people will know. I have not included myself. Chosen penguins may ask others to vote for them, on any website they like. Well . . . non-Club Penguins ones wouldn’t be such a good idea.Here are the rules:Penguins can only vote ONCE. Other votes by them will be deleted. When each penguin except one has a vote, then I will remove the losing penguin and it will continue. If there are a few penguins which have no votes after a while, then we will ask which one of them we want TO GO OUT. Chosen penguins . . . you may not vote for yourself, but you may vote for others.May the best man . . . well . . . penguin win!Waddle On!

Contest Made by Jakzar on his site


rules and contenders made by Jakzar

other news they have deleated the secound beach from the spy phone

8) Later! 8)



1. Jakzar - May 16, 2007

thx for adding it!

2. deltatrooper - May 16, 2007

when you can plz tell me how you make vidoes ever sence i started i wanted to make them
plz tell me
. what the program is
.How you get it
or if its a webcam or somthing

3. cruisingman1 - May 22, 2007

hey ill take part. ive added u to my users

4. tahu208 - June 1, 2007

I vote for Holagurrl

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