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FIRST VIDEO! May 28, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in first video.

i have finally made a video but i dont know if its on utube

Its A war with JSA&Dark/black raiders against romans against U.M.As

Here It Is…



1. Jakzar - May 29, 2007

Hey D-T!
W00t I was there! I started filming it, but I didn’t film the action. By the way, you can only get videos on your site if it’s from Youtube, Google Videos, or DailyMotion. Probably cos on Youtube they stop viruses, but straight from your files there could be a bad thing that would damage stuff on WordPress. In other words, you can’t upload it straight from Windows Media Player. I know it has the best graphics, but it’s cos some1 could install a virus into their movie. Like I just said. So you have to get it from Youtube, DailyMotion or Google Videos, which means you have to upload it onto them first. I’m repetitve, aren’t I?
The funniest bit of the battle was when I went to save the Roman Princess, and I kept on saying heroic things, and then the UMAs captured me, and I said, “Me and my big mouth . . .” It was so funny. Then I just whacked the Roman Princess with my guitar and ran off. Somehow. lol.

2. Jakzar - May 29, 2007

I never knew that was so long!

3. deltatrooper - May 30, 2007

yea i know it is 22 mins long i think there will be about 8-9 videos about it!!!!!
i dont mean to upload it from windows media player i mean to play the video on windows media player like when it gets on my site you can somhow open it on windows and that stuff anyway cya later

4. deltatrooper - May 30, 2007


5. Jakzar - May 30, 2007

Yeah neat vid. I’m in it! By the way, check my site soon for CP Legends. I only do them when I see famous penguins.

6. fotis01 - May 30, 2007

delta… Help! I upload my videos on youtube, and then it says “Video coming soon”! And I upload viseos since 1 month ago!

7. finn user minime fire pass west tigers - July 2, 2007

can i meet you on beanie australia july4 ice-berg 3:30
Editors comment: yea sure

8. Dylan5000 - July 5, 2007


9. Dylan5000 - July 5, 2007

i love you so much delta

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