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New Catalouge! ): June 1, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, Sad stuff.

This happened but is fixed now…

This is a very good catalouge i’ll post the secret but first look at this


this appears when you buy flippers or the divers helmet

Does This Happen To You? if it does post comment

Heres are the cheats:

to get the divers helmet click on the newspaper hat:


to get headphones click the festive sombreo:


to get the viking hemet click in between the floppy hat and trendy sunglasses

viking-helmet-11.jpg to get blue viking helmet go on and off 4 times

to get blue cape click the fethers on the marching band hat


sorry these cheats are late i knew them but my mum tod me to get off the computer.

cya later!

I Can’t Post About The New Game On Tuesday Because I’m Away On A School Trip.



1. go dx - June 1, 2007

it did happen but they fixed it there are 2 more cheats click on the line in beetween floopy hat and trendy sunglasses to get the viking helmet open it 4 times to get the blue one
and click on the thread of the marching band hat to get the blue cape

2. go dx - June 1, 2007

go to my site http://www.gorx9395.wordpress.com for more cheats

3. deltatrooper - June 2, 2007

go dx i know those cheats but i had to go off the computer
cya later

4. snowdobby - June 3, 2007

Hi Deltatrooper! Awesome Wesite!!!
Can u plz add me 2 ur blogroll?
P.S: Visit my site and leave a comment!

5. Jakzar - June 4, 2007

Hey D-T!
R U British? Cos u wrote Mum instead of Mom. I’m British too ya know. My sister’s going on this school trip called PGL. You never know . . . we could both be in the same school . . . could be! U seem 2 be British, u say Mum, ur going on a school trip, and it’s only on Tuesday that you can’t post . . . it fits! But probably not.

6. deltatrooper - June 5, 2007

Yer But i aint tellin you where i live just in case
i can post
cya later J-Z
can’t post later on today till friday

7. Jakzar - June 7, 2007

Hey D-T!
Don’t tell me where u live. There’s no point, even though it would be cool to meet you, it would probably never happen. Also I’ve just got my Meebo onto my website, so be sure 2 chat sometime!

8. mousa - November 10, 2007

hi why dont you mack membership for free
deltatroopers comment: i have but its fraud so i stopped

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