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Tips for surfing June 17, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Same post more news, surfing.

Here are some pretty obivous tips to think about when on a wave:

(speed and time) when you first hit the wave go to the top of the wave then go as far down a you can without falling off ( being unbalanced is fine ) this makes you further away from the wave giveing you more time to do tricks!

(tricks) For more coins with tricks dont worry about when you are doing the tricks focus on getting to pointsalso the trick that gets you most coins ( 2 ) is the W or Up.

(shooting tube) There’s a way to sevive shooting the tube it’s weird though and you cant see yourself doing itwhen the way is really closego down then up.to shoot tube get close the the edge of the wave( not advised)

In other news i have 18000 hit now so in 2000 more hits i’ll have a summer pool party and a surprize party soon after.Also Rockhopper is comming back probaly 2morra

cya later!




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