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Rockhopper,pin and Items June 22, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in free items, kool pictures, news, pins, rockhopper!.

Hey i said to you a long time ago that Kav dude & lilguy500 might become amins on my site well they’re not because lilguy’s computer is broken and Kav Dude Isn’t responsible enough

Anyway to the news:,

Rockhopper is back you still can’t go in his head quarters

pin is in the ski lounge

and heres a picture that tells you all thats new!


Cya later



1. fotis01 - June 25, 2007

omg u have 20.000 hits i have 55.000

2. deltatrooper - June 25, 2007

as i have siad its not the hits that matter its whether the site is good or not

3. lala - June 30, 2007


4. lala - June 30, 2007

dygdujtdyuj bkc

5. Nicole - July 27, 2007


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