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Disney+News August 2, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, clubpenguin, competion, contests, Hacking Matters, kool pictures, new mission, news, Same post more news, secrets.

Heres the new contest!



Same post more news!

here are the catalouge cheats sorry it took some time i went to long leat safri

swimgoggles-2.jpg swim goggles

viking-helmet-78.jpg and red viking helmet+ blue on and off 4 times

red-guitar.jpg best to last red guitar

Also there is a posible winner to the pixel penguin contest

so other who want the cash have to speed up!

also i am just 10,000 hits away from 20 new buddies

clubpenguin cheats by deltatrooper

cya later!



1. cruisingman1 - August 3, 2007

chef pilot hacked my site, my new 1 is http://www.clubpenguincruisingman1.wordpress.com
deltatrooper: no it wasnt him it was someguy called unknown and his name keeps changing

2. Purple Pirate - August 3, 2007

Deltatrooper! Are you trying to fix Cruisingman1’s website and stop the Hacker? I have a plan that may work.
1. Make a new WordPress account. I will refer to him as Bingbong.
2. Use your abilities as a user of Cruisingman1’s website to add Bingbong to the users of the site. Make him an ADMINISTRATOR.
3. Then see if you can log on as Bingbong and delete the hacker from the user list.
4. This means the hacker can no longer use the website.

Good Luck,

Purple Pirate

Deltatrooper: very good idea i tryed it with my bros account the hacker kicked him out
i’m only an admin for a short time then the hacker gets me out
although i am on the verge of fixing it
I have also simply tryed deleteing him in the short space im admin but it just disaperes and comes back
thanks for the sugestion
I will be happy for more 😀

3. loljames - August 8, 2007


4. loljames - August 8, 2007

neopets and vmk rules

5. pac man 10 - August 27, 2007

you know i hacked once and i got banned for 5 minutes!

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