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News! again August 9, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in clubpenguin, clubpenguin cheats, competion, contests, kool pictures, new mission, news, pixel penguins.

Hey 1st things 1st i am really annoyed of the people who are saying how do you get a pixel penguin and can i get a pixel penguin!

so… all penguins who want one are alloud just read the pixel penguin page                      

And… all Penguins who know that and ask how you get  one ethir look at some of the comments on the pixel penguins page or read the page

 Ok to the mission to all penguins who like the misions i wont spoil it for you and all the penguins who do i still wont coz you dont like them

Everyone is capable of doing it them-selfs i did it in 37:42 minites lol yes i counted its dead easy also well done winners to the clothing contest this was my outfit


If any one is really having a hard time doing the mision e-mail


for tips

i will update this post if more news comes

cluibpenguin cheats by deltatrooper



1. pinkcheeto77 - August 11, 2007

hey its pinkcheeto77 whats up nice backround on ur penguin, so i hear rockhopper is coming back again omng he was here like WEEK AGO I THINK. So do u want to hang more on clubpenguin??? U didnt come to jaKZAR PARTY WHY NOT?????????????

deltatroopers comment: my mum banned me off the computer

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