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Catalouge Clubpenguin cheats September 7, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, cheats, clubpenguin, clubpenguin cheats, secrets.

Hey sorry i’ve started a new school so i cant go on cp alot so here are the cheats

click the formal gown to get Red Guitar                                      news-for-ages-agoo-1.jpg

click the life guard shirt for swim goggles

click the scuba tank for viking hemet

cya later

deltatroopers club penguin cheats



1. jokerers - September 8, 2007

your cheats have been posted on other websites even before you got them you need to get better cheats or im not comeing back to your website

Deltatroopers comment:/ Thank you for having intreast in my cheats
general cheats are the most commen cheats for clubpenguin which are on most clubpenguin cheats sites e.g.: paintboy chewitt ect..
pro class cheats i havnt seen on anyones site so they are passworded for copyright resons
I know these catalouge cheats are very later but thats because i’m turning 12 and have started an older school with 2 homeworks subjects a day
hopefully when i get used to this school i can go on cp more
cya later

2. deltatrooper - September 15, 2007

Hey my brothers making a site
heres the URL
cya later

3. sebastian - October 15, 2007

if you want cheats email me my email cat_a7x@hotmail .com oh1 almost forgot if you want to be a free member go to the coffe shop and walk up the wall thank you for reading my letter

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