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New pin + hair styles + inf money cheat ( well kinda ) October 12, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, cheats, clubpenguin, clubpenguin cheats, kool pictures, pins, secrets, The best clubpenguin cheats.
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Hey I’m still here!

Heres the news….

Theres a new pin, more info on a new clubpenguin cheat, and pictures of hair styles

ok firstly the new pin and hair styles

heres some pics


So the pin is in the pet shop theres new furniture in the gift shop + hair styles

heres a pic



And heres me


Theres a bit taken out because of the new clubpenguin cheat thats going to be released

i’ll tell you a little more about it now

Its a clubpenguin cheat that can make you an mod and have inf money

it’s going to be released soon and its not very new but its very good

Anyway that all


The best clubpenguin cheats in the world by deltatrooper



1. Aguair - October 12, 2007

Awesome site! Great cheats and editing of pics 😀
The new smily looks like Micheal Jackson!

2. affygal - October 12, 2007

hiya i like what u did reallly it kina kl

3. affygal - October 12, 2007

i think im the only 1 thats really writing to today

4. sophie pope - October 12, 2007

i dont get it cos the is no were on club penguin that is a hair sallon

deltatroopers comment: its the gift shop

5. katrina689 - October 12, 2007

the new pin is in the pet shop!

6. ELENA - October 13, 2007


7. Jakzar - October 14, 2007

Hey D-T!
Nice Webbie!
Visit the New Improved JPM at http://www.jakzarblak.wordpress.com
It’s my new main blog!
But still visit my old blog!
cos that rocks too!

8. hesaysay-real name zach - October 14, 2007

but hole site

9. Jakzar - October 16, 2007

Hey D-T!
Forget the post above compleeeeeeetely!
Change of Plan, meaning that it’s just another blog.
http://www.jakzar.wordpress.com is still my main one!
The competition isn’t over yet, though. Good Luck to you!
See ya,
😀 ~Jakzar~ 😀

10. deltatrooper - October 17, 2007

visit to become a cheat master

11. Jakzar - October 21, 2007

Hey there!
Visit this cool website!
it is soooooooo cool! It also has a new competition so try that out when you visit!
Please go to it, cos it is cool!
See ya,
8) 😉 ~Jakzar~ 😀 😛
and the magic left handed one! (-:

12. merelyn - October 29, 2007

hey! whats the cheat of the inf money? i can’t get it!!!

13. kalia 2000 - November 9, 2007

what we have to do to get the cheat to become a member?

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