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Western party! November 23, 2007

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Hey the western party is awesome!

here are some pictures

in case you can’t see it the pin is atthe cove the free item is in the plaza and the backround is in the forest


free-item-1.png in the plaza kool eh i already got one oh well


 well thats pretty much it

wait same post more news

the stupid hockey puck wont come down!


thats probaly because i made it go there

its a new cheat it’s quite simple though

but i’m not quite sure how to get it down….

oh well!

cya later



1. hey - November 23, 2007

where are the vests

2. Simultaneous - November 23, 2007

thanks for the comment and ur site is so awesome!

3. Jakzar - November 25, 2007

I’m having another Runescape Party, but this time I’m organising it myself! Here are the details:

Server: World 106

Time: 8:30am Penguin Standard Time (like I said before, it’s the best way to measure time for parties on online games!)

Room: The Party Room in Falador ( located in the top-right of Falador)

Date: Saturday 1st December

My username is Jakzar (like usual), so just look for me! I should be in the Party Room already, wearing Steel Armour and Fancy (rainbow coloured) Boots. Right now, I’m a Combat Level 17, but that could change.

When you get there, please give money/items to me so I can put them in the Donation Chest! Then we can have a Balloon Party, and the items will be in balloons!

4. Jakzar - November 25, 2007

Oh, and there’s another background at the Dock.

5. bluey cloud - November 29, 2007

idk there gone now

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