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High score challenge!+New Wave June 29, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Added funny pics, competion, Party, surfing.

due to recent bad wether on clubpenguin we can still surf but the waves are gonna be

a little” rough the new mode is survival where you have to dodge the ice bergs and keep ahead of the wave because its alot faster this is deffently harder then freestyling

here are 3 pics Click for all the pictures!


Click for bigger image and more pictures.

so on the the High Score Challenge

i went to my buds fotis’s site and saw he got a high score of 6000 so i wondered…

is that realy hard so i went ahead and tryed to beat it

i got 10,000 points ( 1000 Coins )and its kinda hard so i’m hosting a High score challenge

to enter comment on this page to sumit pictures of your game save the picture as a jpeg:

then send it to


if you have the highest score you go on to the next round

depending on wether i trust the person or not the prize might be 2 things

Happy Surfing!

Here is a picture invition


  • The details:
  • it starts tomorow ( THIS is when you can start sending e-mails!!)
  • there will be a kinda like party in the cove where every one will be in swiming clothes chating and surfing on the 15th of july not tomorow
  • it will be in mamoth ( on the 15th of july )
  • send e-mail with picture to deltatrooper@hotmail.co.uk ( its safe lol )
  • if you dont want to do that to enter post a comment with your Url and and post a pictutre on your site of your score
  • you dont have to beat me to win
  • you have to have fun lol cya there

Cya! wait no again

i found some very anoying animals a secound ago

here’s a pic


now i am done