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Clubpenguin cheat How To Become A Moderator… November 1, 2007

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Hey its delta here and i have sad news and its quite argent i just want to say its been fun but it can’t last forever first there with be a new Admin! then… who knows

Anyway The greatest clubpenguin cheat ever known toĀ most good cheaters is going to be relesed some people like to call these hacks of glitches but this one is definitly a hack dont worry i virus checked it you so you dont take any risks šŸ™‚

i’d just like to say something, All theĀ clubpenguin cheats and clubpenguin hack and clubpenguin glitches and news came from me not just some guy visiting paintboys site and copying it and not just some paintboy who is ( a 19 year old geek )

I’ll post the new clubpenguin cheat later and another post about sites.

Cheats from me to you Deltatrooper


New Catalouge! ): June 1, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, Sad stuff.

This happened but is fixed now…

This is a very good catalouge i’ll post the secret but first look at this


this appears when you buy flippers or theĀ divers helmet

Does This Happen To You? if it does post comment

Heres are the cheats:

to get theĀ divers helmet click on the newspaper hat:


to get headphones click the festive sombreo:


to get the viking hemet click in between the floppy hat and trendy sunglasses

viking-helmet-11.jpgĀ to get blue viking helmet go on and off 4 times

to get blue cape click the fethers on the marching band hat


sorry these cheats are late i knew them but my mum tod me to get off the computer.

cya later!

I Can’t Post About The New Game On Tuesday Because I’m Away On A School Trip.