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hey hey halloween! October 22, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in catalouge cheats, cheats, clubpenguin, clubpenguin cheats, furniture, news, pins, surfing, The best clubpenguin cheats.

 sorry i’m posting this late i was in manchester

hey theres new clubpenguin cheats or secrets out now! and they are catalouge cheats also i’ve got a few pictures!

The coolest first the organ piano! ( catalouge clubpenguin cheat )


candelabra ( a light thingy ) ( catalouge clubppenguin cheat )


concert lights ( catalouge clubpenguin cheats by deltatrooper )


this is what the two new  unreveld items look like

pictures-of-items.pngand heres my igloo i think it has no clubpenguin cheats in it yet


click for bigger image

also the 2nd year anniversays coming to us on wednesday!

2nd-year-anerverairy-notice.png dont miss it

Ok thats all

clubpenguin cheats by deltatrooper



New… News! August 18, 2007

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 Same post more news!

theres been a glitch and the rocks from the fire pit are gone!

heres a picture


 More news at the end of this post!

Anyway the pin is at the mine shack!

and theres a new igloo

my igloo is going to be a camp paradice for all penguin to go and have

a holiday ( epicily people in army who want to have a break )

heres my igloo


Also there is going to be a 2 new igloo ideas next month maybe 3!

times for my igloo to be open will be posted or widet-ed 🙂

Also here are the so called ” famous penguins ” that i have as my buddies

holagurrl25–99cool–biggyp–flowery guy–fotis01 ( he says hes my biggest fan)–jakzar–red cooly (well kinda)–snow dobby–sumeyya10–tylerhere07 — yoosof ( kinda ) — Dhjz2 ( leader of cpc )

but wait i have hit 50,000 hits that means its time for 20 new buddies!

first twenty to comment from now-ish- 3-O clock will be my buddies and possible the next twenty

The time start NOW

High score challenge!+New Wave June 29, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Added funny pics, competion, Party, surfing.

due to recent bad wether on clubpenguin we can still surf but the waves are gonna be

a little” rough the new mode is survival where you have to dodge the ice bergs and keep ahead of the wave because its alot faster this is deffently harder then freestyling

here are 3 pics Click for all the pictures!


Click for bigger image and more pictures.

so on the the High Score Challenge

i went to my buds fotis’s site and saw he got a high score of 6000 so i wondered…

is that realy hard so i went ahead and tryed to beat it

i got 10,000 points ( 1000 Coins )and its kinda hard so i’m hosting a High score challenge

to enter comment on this page to sumit pictures of your game save the picture as a jpeg:

then send it to


if you have the highest score you go on to the next round

depending on wether i trust the person or not the prize might be 2 things

Happy Surfing!

Here is a picture invition


  • The details:
  • it starts tomorow ( THIS is when you can start sending e-mails!!)
  • there will be a kinda like party in the cove where every one will be in swiming clothes chating and surfing on the 15th of july not tomorow
  • it will be in mamoth ( on the 15th of july )
  • send e-mail with picture to deltatrooper@hotmail.co.uk ( its safe lol )
  • if you dont want to do that to enter post a comment with your Url and and post a pictutre on your site of your score
  • you dont have to beat me to win
  • you have to have fun lol cya there

Cya! wait no again

i found some very anoying animals a secound ago

here’s a pic


now i am done


Tips for surfing June 17, 2007

Posted by deltatrooper in Same post more news, surfing.
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Here are some pretty obivous tips to think about when on a wave:

(speed and time) when you first hit the wave go to the top of the wave then go as far down a you can without falling off ( being unbalanced is fine ) this makes you further away from the wave giveing you more time to do tricks!

(tricks) For more coins with tricks dont worry about when you are doing the tricks focus on getting to pointsalso the trick that gets you most coins ( 2 ) is the W or Up.

(shooting tube) There’s a way to sevive shooting the tube it’s weird though and you cant see yourself doing itwhen the way is really closego down then up.to shoot tube get close the the edge of the wave( not advised)

In other news i have 18000 hit now so in 2000 more hits i’ll have a summer pool party and a surprize party soon after.Also Rockhopper is comming back probaly 2morra

cya later!