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funny pics

hideandseekqj6.gif hehe me playing hide and seek with a stupit penguinpicture2-4.jpgmade by me usein paint

zeekman-flame.jpg funny pic!

puffleheadqm0.gifpuffle girl ( thank god i dinnt leave her real face on…)

also while playing clubpenguin hold down ALT and press F4 you get 30000 coins awesome yuh!

zebrapenguin-made-by-me-and-took-a-hella-lota-time-deltatrooper.png its me it was really hard to get this costume and i’m not tellin anyone!

0a0a0a0a0aa0.jpgoooooh clubpenguin is mean



1-more-dead-guy.jpg thats what u get if u say i suck!

go-to-school.jpg this was a clear your chaece warning.

i-got-a-hat-store.jpg i sell hats in my igloo

server-action.jpg billy-bobs gone mad!

raceing.jpgoh no

be-a-good-littie-penguin.PNGthis is way you are better off being in the black raiders


 h00diesha07dh.png new hoodies!


a black raider…

me.JPG me

angeledit.png lol

auntarctic1.png lol


click for full size! then click back

puffle-doo.gif lol

the-box-is-fly-ing.jpg is it a plane, is it a bird, no its a BOX!!!


its….. the box band!!


click for bigger picture!!!


hehehe look at me


you see the sign that said safe well it wouldnt have made a difference because he cant read and he’s dead now

young-love.jpg ahh young love!

not-edit.jpg by the way this isnt an edit my bro who has a penguin called kav dude somehow did this.



nice i made this pic!!!

i-am-a-mod.jpgthis was a long time ago i nolonger have that money!

 i have more! 😀


ok i’ve got some kool pis comeing soon so go on my webie lots and post comments lots because when i reach 20,000 i put them on and make silly looking penguins later!



1. julian - February 11, 2007


2. deltatrooper - February 15, 2007

how do u know my webie who are you???

3. deltatrooper - February 15, 2007

thanx for visiting my webie anyway

4. Charles Davison - February 23, 2007

why was that guy band for playing runescape. Enyway I think I my know who did.

5. deltatrooper - February 23, 2007


6. coolclubpenguin - February 23, 2007

the best webie in the WORLD!

7. deltatrooper - February 24, 2007

say thanx to my clubpenguin buddie 99coolj for some of his pics!

8. joe - February 26, 2007


9. pengdip - April 29, 2007

can u add me to your bloggroll delta my site is pengdip.wordpress.com

10. deltatrooper - April 29, 2007


11. deltatrooper - April 29, 2007

peng you cumin to my party on saturday and sunday?

12. cruisingman1 - May 7, 2007

HEY DELTATROOPER, go to http://www.cruisingman1.wordpress.com to see how that minus coin thingie is done

13. cruisingman1 - May 20, 2007

heya deltatrooper plz add me to ur blogroll

14. cruisingman1 - May 23, 2007

hey you dont get 3000 coins for pressin down alt and f4 it makes cp shut down on ur computer

15. deltatrooper - May 23, 2007

i know lol did you fall for it?

16. cruisingman1 - June 7, 2007

yes as a matter of fact i did

17. brbocko - June 28, 2007

go to http://www.freewebs/CPNM.com and join the bestest marine ever

18. Koolies!!!XD - June 29, 2007

8) kooool pics i ♥ them koooooool work!!!!!

19. Waddlewendy - July 5, 2007

Cool picks i love them. I got a funny one make a million flying penguins.

20. j45baseball2 - July 15, 2007


21. rockhopper - July 19, 2007


22. Rockhopper - July 28, 2007

Arr, maties this be the cheat site that yee always visits…

Until Next Time,

Waddle On, Rockhopper

23. sally - August 5, 2007

hey its me sally my penguin name is sal ashour deltatrooper(weird name) yea that 30000coins cheet thing was a joke and that wasnt funny k i was on a important meeting wit my boyfrend on cp k u mad e me shut it down and he got mad at me and took me of his budy list and left thanx deltatrooper thanx alot 😀
Editors comment: your being sacastic right? any i am in no way responcible for any harm to your sociol life when useing my cheats ( in this case a joke cheat )

24. nikki678 - August 7, 2007

the while playing clubpenguin hold down ALT and press F4 you get 30000 coins thing? it does not work it logs me off of AOL

25. shortttty - August 10, 2007


26. shortttty - August 10, 2007

thats my pass and my name is shortttty

27. Rockhopper - August 21, 2007

Arrrgh my name bes Rockhopper the parcels I left have sighned player cards in them.

28. Kaneos - August 21, 2007

Does anyone wanna start an ICEHOCKEY team if yes then go to the ice rink on WindChill at 7.00 on the fifth opf september

29. Paintboy 100 - August 21, 2007

Does anyone wanna start an ICEHOCKEY team if yes then go to the ice rink on WindChill at 7.00 on the fifth opf september Kaneos and Antras and I might be there two well kaneos aid he definitly will

sorry mate but… your the same dude as kaneos coz you have the same e-mail

30. Kaneos - August 21, 2007

Yeh I will be there

31. gugjggjyhhj - August 22, 2007

i love this site

32. shakan - August 22, 2007

can you realy get those red and white hats, iv never seen them 😐

33. Xx_Nobody Cares_xX - August 27, 2007

OMG I love the pic where you killed that other penguin! Please add more. Are those banned notices real or are they just for entertainment?

34. Xx_Nobody Cares_xX - August 27, 2007

Btw…the coin thing didn’t work for me.

35. mewi - August 30, 2007

hi delatrooper i love ur pics they funny

36. _MCR chic_ - August 30, 2007

Delta…I love these pics!!!!!! Please add more! They are so awesome!

37. Maxie223 - September 3, 2007

how do you make a pixel penguin?

38. pengdip - September 7, 2007


39. klll600 - September 12, 2007

u hav the coolest pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me to ur awesome black raiderz club and ill meet u on mamoth tommorow evening. Hav a nice day.

40. Mele-inda (penguin name) - September 13, 2007

Hi delta! I love the pic where you shot that other penguin! It is sooo funny. Please add more

41. Kaneos - September 16, 2007


42. dan - September 24, 2007

luv the sled racing one!!wait aaaah their after me!!!oh shit

43. icyo - September 25, 2007

dude you rock at meking pics i dont have any yet go to my site at http://www.icyo.wordpress.com

44. red4000 - September 25, 2007


45. dude6062 - September 28, 2007

cool website. anyone wanna meet me on clubpenguin? just e-mail me if so. thanx!

46. Simultaneous - September 29, 2007


47. Simultaneous - September 29, 2007


48. sara - September 30, 2007

hey its so cool for my penguin

49. charlieflap - October 2, 2007

my highest amount of coins i had is 35056

50. jetboyb32 - October 3, 2007

hey hey if any one hs the penguin with face pint please emil me t ryan98bassett@yahoo.com thanks

51. 47ace - October 6, 2007

come meet me on clubpenguin on abominible my igloo is wy more kick ass then yall mother fuckers so come see mine all u homos who read this

52. Mele-inda - October 8, 2007

Delta please add more. I haven’t seen you on clubpenguin in forever! Are you ever on anymore?

53. fyfdyj - October 15, 2007

i know how to get negative coins and im not telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cyclops:

deltatroopers comment: I know how and you read it off my site

54. Kolz - October 16, 2007


55. Kolz - October 16, 2007


56. nonoba - October 18, 2007

hey guys i will told you some thing the clubpenguin they are report me and i didnt do something and look my boy frind name charlie he love me then one girl name is mandy say i love you charlie the i say what ok mee too so then she say mandy i wil report you then i wil take my charlie then i say no you cant not did it hunny you scerd me then they report me for a 71 hour then i told my dad then my dad say send a masseg onn emil the i say yes pleas then dad say ok let your sister do it then now they wil send it

57. KISS FAN (11 yer.girl) - October 20, 2007



58. Castfire - October 26, 2007

Deltatrooper these are not appropriate for young children one of them aid oh shi* and that is inappropriate and immature!
Deltatroopers comment: i understand your consern i will try to fix it if this happend its probaly a mistake

59. u dont need to know - October 26, 2007

i hate u runescape is not dumb i love it yeah LOVE IT so deal with it and what the heck does url mean well see u

60. Castfire - October 27, 2007

Lol. Other tan the cuss thing, everythings ok, WAIT… Oh, i think maybe some of these are from other sites? so.. you might just want to say its from their site! K bye!

61. bumble muf - November 5, 2007

those pics were really funny it made me laugh a lot !!!!! !!!!!

62. i am luke3112 - November 8, 2007

i loved this web site

63. i am rockhopper not - November 10, 2007


64. i am rockhopper not - November 10, 2007

i am luke3112

65. misscoolcat2 - November 12, 2007


66. i am rockhopper not - November 18, 2007


67. HEY Its me - November 19, 2007

I love you
And its internet love
Well the thingie I wanna say is
How do I belive your penguin is real?
ok Tell your password
I promise to use it within one day
then you change it.OK?

Deltatroopers comment: i’m not an idiot 😉

68. superhakan A.K.A shakan - November 19, 2007

cool pics! i really like the im awsome one!
the u.s.a pic has my old army on, can you put the link to my site.

69. jade - November 22, 2007


70. Rockhopper - November 22, 2007


71. kaderkid - November 22, 2007


72. ben - November 23, 2007

those are funny!

73. emma brage - November 24, 2007

those are the funniest clubpenguin pics i have ever seen

74. lolz3 - November 27, 2007

Hey make a picture of billybob swaering : :-):

75. Rocky - December 5, 2007

Hey, hi man dude how u r moderator n u r so …….LYK U GOT EVERY THING IN ….CP…

76. tony hjawk - December 10, 2007

hey! cool pics and thats not much money… but your still cool, hey meet me in new zealand at the dojo, in big surf.ps my sister was naked.lol my web is http://www.cpunervirsalcheats.co.nz

77. rana - December 13, 2007

i neeeeed a member plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

78. rana - December 13, 2007

give me it

79. rana - December 13, 2007

could you give me a member i will make you so much mony and give me your e mail

80. Penyyy - December 20, 2007

The coin thing worked for me the3 time I tried it!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t even know how it happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

81. jty2 - December 21, 2007

srry to burst a bubble but the coin thing where u use alt and f4 it just shuts down my internet

82. Kaneos - December 21, 2007

Delta dude why do you never post anymore if your not gonna post then plz tell us you arn’t

83. purplepony5 - December 22, 2007


84. pica2507 - December 23, 2007

I love those pictures

85. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

hi please go to ream misha on wow (World Of Warcraft) AND MEET Theinvisble(level17 undeadrogue) AT ORGRIMARR and talk to him if ur higher like lvl 70 mage join group and teleport me to shattarath city and kill lvl 65 elites so i can lvl up easy 🙂

86. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

By the way if lower ill help u lvl 🙂
😦 ?? wicth one will i let u die or lvl?

87. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007


88. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

LOL LOL LOL LOL im gonnna let u die lvl your self
Deltatroopers comment: Ok i’ve got better things to do than play a silly wowo game

89. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

Just kidding ill help u lvl especially in SFK

90. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

i got banned for sayin die then i went on flood 2 and said fuck u all

91. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

hey will u put a red penguin havein sex with another penguin that wil be awseome oh shit im gettin attacked on wowo by thousand needle ppl g2g
deltatroopers comment: hey dude i know were friends but if you want me to play this new game and possibly make cheats let me understand what your saying e.g. wowo, thousand needle people.
Also i have finaly stopped clubpenguin im making the post now

92. kaderkid cp theinvisble WoW - December 24, 2007

BTW how do u become a madador?

93. cheat11 - December 29, 2007

are you a mod

94. lila - December 31, 2007

people are saying cuss words delatrooper and its really inappropriate can you do something about it?
Deltatroopers comment: ill try

95. me - January 1, 2008

hey will u tell me the pass to yur pro class cheats? 😦 I nee it!

96. deltatrooper2 - January 2, 2008


97. deable - January 5, 2008


98. jamie - January 10, 2008

steven is a clubpenguin man he likes clubpenguin it is so so so fun to play ???? from steven x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

99. Jessica - January 13, 2008


100. butrmilkball - January 20, 2008

omg i am the 100 person to write. this is such an increable offer lol these are really funny. they are hanging in my room right now. lol thanx

101. baseball8910 - January 26, 2008

dude those r some funny pics!!!!!!!!!!

102. redy - February 2, 2008

wooow lol i love your pics keep it up!

103. Birdifer - February 2, 2008

I liked the puffle doo part so i copied it

104. frenchgal48 - February 3, 2008


105. frenchgal48 - February 3, 2008

what’s up

106. frenchgal48 - February 4, 2008

i need more coins

107. Dirt12 - February 4, 2008

I know how to get minus something coins. u gotta hav less den 10 coins. then feed ur puffle and look at ur coins

Deltatroopers comment: cool find! its somwhere on the site but still cool find!

108. Sheshire cat - February 11, 2008

yo had do you do those stuff. could you tell us how you do those baned funny cheats and the gun

109. Deltatrooper i am sorry but i have left CP p.s. im not delta trooper im one of deltatroopers best freinds and i miss him - February 18, 2008

Dear,penguins i have left CP now and thats becuase i have gotten older eventhough i have no clue how old i am wel cya -kaderkid

110. kaderkid - February 18, 2008

ok i just made that comment cause he was being a a flippin LANGUAGE no offense delta and leavin CP! and that was bein an @SS TO THE BLACK RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT IS ALL ur not forgotten in my heart -kaderkid

Deltatroopers comment: Kader Kid calm down when i read this e-mail i imagined a geek on the computer crying his eyes out i know your a bit sad that i’ve left but dont over react but to solve your problem there might be a small contest for the lead of the black raiderz/ Dark raiderz
maybe ill get people to do a video or maybe a test war or maybe a test of getting recruits (which i wasn’t ever very good at) i dont know yet
you’ll have to wait

111. kaderkid - February 18, 2008

and dude just delete this site plz im probaly gonna get on this very day to mak comments about u leavein

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