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Pixel Penguins!

here you can order ( free ) penguin pictures for avatars logos and comic caratures

every 5,000 hits i will give everyone 3 new pixel penguins!

they are called pixel penguins!

here are a few…


to order them simply comment!

or if you want a few e-mail to


Pick some of these! Over 1000 Differnt outfits to make



bluelight.jpg greean-dark.jpg  (or in other colours just name the colour you wish ! )

red-tie.jpg ( or in any other colour pick what you want! )

green-guitar.jpg guitars come in blue green and lime/black!

new-ghost-sheet.png new-ghost-sheet-2.pngnew ghost sheets are out due to the ammout of people who like sheets                 Warning some items may not be visible on this

belt-ninga.png ninga belt

pirate-boots.png pirate boots

magic-hat.png Wizard Hat

fishing-rod.png Fishing Rod! ( Still in testing so far going well )

new-collers.png Differnt hoodie colours for the colar ( any colour this one is maroon )

new-helmet-colour.png any colour of helmet

New and imporoved colour don’t ask for this it will be put on automaticly

Get your own soon!

mikey man!


Kader Kid


Kader Kid Version 2!


Kader Kid Version 3!








J45baseball 2







ninga-belt.png with belt that is now on list


kool-1-ppengin.png with green glasses ( Not on list never to be ) pirate boots ( On list now ) and magic hat not on list

New Item Man 5000 hits!








10,000 hits men


kader kids army both of the pixel penguins

kader-kid-4.png new-ghost-sheet-kader-kid-5.png

 Muddles 357    ( made by Artic pirate )


girly girl 1


girly girl 2






Zuldemar + Evan


 Snow half




heres a 5 min made comic its not really that good



make the best pixel penguin!

Winner recives: one week of non-stop pixel penguins asweel as 5000 coins on their…account                                                                                                                                             And they also get to judge the next competion with me and Kav dude                                     runner ups get 1000 coins each!

Contest details: E-mail to deltatrooper@hotmail.co.uk  to enter                         In the e-mail you must say what you want on it        or tell me its on this site and your penguin name

Contest Tips!                                                                                                                               Best Pixel penguin contest!: when making a pixel penguin for this contest you can add 2 hats or 3 hats or  7 shirts or 5 shoes its all up to you here is my enterie( its not me)

fashion-1.png fancy hat ( i think it looks like a white and pink afro or a colourful head dress)

thats how you win you can make as many as you want when in a contest! Contest ends 11 of  august!



1. Cruisingman1 - July 16, 2007
2. deltatrooper - July 16, 2007


3. Mikey Man - July 17, 2007

HI cam i has a pengwin with a red cape
red tuxidoo top hat roman helmat guitar red party hut amd red hoodie in that oder plz oh and as greaan viking helmet

4. kaderkid - July 17, 2007

hey i want a pixel penguin with a blue electrick guitaur a blue viking helmet a blue cape a pair of 3d glasses blue shoes

5. deltatrooper - July 17, 2007

what couler

6. deltatrooper - July 17, 2007

like it?

7. kaderkid - July 17, 2007

i want a new penguin its gold with a gold suit and jaket 3d gllasses blue electrick guitar gold vikeing hel met and some thins wickity wikity wack with the computer so i cant see what your saying

8. kaderkid - July 17, 2007


9. Cruisingman1 - July 17, 2007
10. kaderkid - July 18, 2007

hi thanks for renewing my penguin war master your the best ill serve you well in war

11. kaderkid - July 18, 2007

good comic war master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. bogiewood - July 18, 2007

cool comic man

13. shadow0518 - July 18, 2007

im a girl i want a purple penguin with a light pink one piece bikini. a pink cowboy hat. pluse pink shoes. plz. thank u

14. concorne - July 19, 2007

ill try to get 500 hits

15. concorne - July 19, 2007


16. concorne - July 19, 2007


17. concorne - July 19, 2007

ju7654321wdfh mk

18. concorne - July 19, 2007


19. concorne - July 19, 2007


20. concorne - July 19, 2007


21. concorne - July 19, 2007


22. deltatrooper - July 19, 2007

ok i got you the pixel penguin shadow!

23. kaderkid - July 20, 2007

war master you havent ben online for ever for war

24. Calmecrazy - July 21, 2007

can i have a pixel penguin plz i want it to have a black hoodie anda viking helmet[red] a blue skate board and a ghost sheet

25. deltatrooper - July 21, 2007

i know i was bad and not aloud on the cp

26. sam - July 22, 2007

i want 1

27. deltatrooper - July 23, 2007

then tell me what you want on it

28. j45baseball2 - July 24, 2007

Can i have one that has a gold viking helmet, the red vest, the black eletric guitar. Also i added you to my users list at http://www.2212cp.wordpress.com. check you email (the one you told me to ad) because i sent you a thing about it.

29. wundun20 - July 24, 2007

ghost costume,black hoodie,green viking helmet,

30. sdfggfuyh - July 24, 2007

can i have a ghost sheet,blackhoodie plz anda gold viking helmet.

31. sdfggfuyh - July 24, 2007

can i have a pirate costume.

32. sdfggfuyh - July 24, 2007

can i have a pirate coctume plz

33. deltatrooper - July 25, 2007

sorry for not making the pixel penguins yet but i will in about 5-6 hours
cya then!

34. deltatrooper - July 25, 2007

there being put on now

35. Frost 900 - July 26, 2007

meet me 27th of July server snow cone in america at the very bottom of the list.at pirate ship lunch time my penguin name is Frost 900 I will be next to the book on the ship,the book is on the desk go there on lunch time rember Im a black belt.Look side-ways (o: rockhoppers room is maybe open good-bye

36. sdfggfuyh - July 27, 2007

they look kool

37. angia101 - July 28, 2007

may I have a blak penguin and a ninja belt with mask if you have them

38. lordsup - July 28, 2007

can i have a dark blu one wit a wizard hat, a red n white striped t-shirt, a blu lei, pirate boots, green sunglasses, a fishing rod and his name :lordsup.

39. lordsup - July 28, 2007


40. deltatrooper - July 29, 2007

theres no fishing rod nor green sunglasses nor wizard hat
but i’ll see what i can do

41. deltatrooper - July 29, 2007

nor pirate boots

42. hjcamonkey - July 29, 2007

no rockhopper hat

43. caitlyn - July 29, 2007

wooo!! you can really get one. can i have one plz

44. deltatrooper - July 29, 2007

yea sure what do you what on it

45. deltatrooper - July 31, 2007

To get pixel penguin just comment what u want on it eg: black ghost cloak and red trainers with hockey stick

its already at the top of the page

46. Paintboy100 - July 31, 2007


47. Paintboy100 - July 31, 2007

everyone go to this website miniclip.com ok? o and here just in case clubpenguin.com
your not paintboy

48. FAKE deltatrooper - August 1, 2007

go to for the same pixel penguins!!!!
go to for the same pixel penguins!!!!

go to for the same pixel penguins!!!!
go to for the same pixel penguins!!!!

Editors comment: i have edited the name because he is a fake and i have edited the comment coz it lies

49. icecube3343 (clubpenguin name) - August 1, 2007

please can I have a pixel plenguin!
color purple
no backround
cowboy vest
cowboy boots
and black cowboy hat
(P.S. it will look just like my real penguin!) THANKS!

50. deltatrooper - August 2, 2007

there you go

51. Shay - August 2, 2007

you are awesome

52. Shay - August 2, 2007

I want a blue penguin with green tank top and sweater vest with shoes

53. icecube3343 (clubpenguin name) - August 3, 2007

that is the wrong vest the brown one sorry!

54. pinkcheeto77 - August 3, 2007

hi its pinkcheeto77 jakzar friend and ur friend we should hang on clubpenguin more

55. cutibear1999 - August 5, 2007

hey how to be a pixel penguin? answer me next time.

56. deltatrooper - August 5, 2007

read the page it will tell you

57. deltatrooper - August 5, 2007

sorry shay not asked clear enough also check that all you items you stated were in the list

58. alexandria - August 5, 2007

Can I plz have a pixel penguin.
I want a penguin with a pink dress, peral necklace, pink bunny hat, and a red guitar. Thx
Send it to amg0106 @hotmail. com

59. alexandria - August 5, 2007

Oh also I want mine to be lite blue

60. wellcoolll (penguin name)george realy - August 7, 2007

hi, cool chat i really like it

61. wellcoolll (penguin name)george realy - August 7, 2007

can i have a free picsel pengwin with blue shorts,blue evrything plz
sent to george_allan123@hotmail.co.uk

62. Cassiej95 - August 8, 2007

how do you get a pixel penguin?

63. deltatrooper - August 9, 2007

read the page!

64. kaderkid - August 9, 2007

now i want a army of 10 pixel penguins

65. kaderkid - August 9, 2007

one with a new ghost sheet with a black viking helmet black shoes and a fishing rod

66. kaderkid - August 9, 2007

one with just a new ghost sheet

67. mitch - August 11, 2007

i like pixel penguins!!

68. Artic Pirate - August 11, 2007

Name: Muddles 357
head:beta test hat
Eyes:red sunglasses
body:blue polo
hand:Lime guitar
feet:cowboy boots


69. starwars34 - August 12, 2007

the contest is over!!!!

70. Dyorkie238 - August 12, 2007

Hey I want a cool pixel penguin and hey are you having any other contests i want to oreder some pixel penguins! thanks dude!

71. deltatrooper - August 13, 2007

You can order pixel penguins all the time but if you order it in a contest time it will be automaticly be considered

Yes There will be a new contest some time next week or later
zev will judge the contest with me and kav dude
stay kool

72. Cali Drake3 - August 15, 2007

can i get a pixel penguin
deltatrooper says annoyed : READ THE PAGE

73. Girly girl - August 16, 2007

I’d love a pixel penguin!

I’d like one thats light pink with the lil white hat, pearls, and the spanish yellow green and red dress please!
and another penguin to have the purple hat, the pink scarf, the purple dress, and the pink flip flops.
pst them as blou freeze

74. Jeremy - August 19, 2007

I wan’t a pixel penguin with the Ghost Sheet, Red Hoodie, Green Guitar, Red-Wheeled Skateboard, Red cape, and a Red Hover Hat!!! Please and thank you this will mean soo much to me lol.

75. Dyorkie238 - August 19, 2007


Hello I want a Pixel Penguin please.
1. Name: Dyorkie238
2. Pink Pixel penguin
3. Blue girls swim suit
4. White Pearls
5. Pink pirate boots
6. Blue cape
7. Black Mask
8. Chefs hat
9. Green guitar
10.Blue Skateboard
Thanks dude!!! Delta Trooper dont forget ok Plz email me the pixel penguin!!!
email: cutiejjdd@mymelody.com BYE TOOTALS!!!

76. Dyorkie238 - August 20, 2007

or you can just post it ok bye i wannt it soon!!!

77. shakan - August 22, 2007

i got pixel penguins on my site :mrgreen:

78. Chaochia - August 23, 2007

Hi! were do i get the updates and if you want the ninja clothing i can post if eventually for anyone to take for there pixel penguins menu.

79. Dyorkie238 - August 23, 2007

How do you make a website!! Im trying too and uts hard what do you do!! please tell me someone!!!

Deltatroopers comment:/: You go to wordpress.com ( Or click the part at the bottem of this site where it says blogg at wordpress.com) then follow the instructions
cya later!

80. Dyorkie238 - August 23, 2007

Thanks Deltatrooper!

81. dyorkie238 - August 23, 2007

Um delta trooper I got a website and everything but How do i decorate it??? please tell me! or email me kk!

82. dyorkie238 - August 23, 2007

Helpo me some more I need to know how do decorate it?? please hwelp me!!

83. zuldemar - August 25, 2007



84. Amber - August 25, 2007

Totally cool i need to get one

85. Amber - August 25, 2007

trigger loves them making him happy

86. snowhalf - August 27, 2007

can i hav

blue skatebord
ghost sheet
and red santa hat and ice skates

87. Evan - August 28, 2007

canm i hav


88. chewitt - August 28, 2007

Color: Light Blue
Hand Item: Fishing Rod
Head Item: Mining Helmet
Face Item: None
Foot Item: None
Body Item: Green Ducky Floatie

89. _MCR chic_ - August 30, 2007

These pixel penguins are cute! I can’t wait to see who wins the contest!

90. Billybob - August 30, 2007

i am Billybob you want all clothing and to become a modarator gust resent a letter in http://www.khalood924.wordpress.com and you will have fun

91. Rockhopper - August 30, 2007

hello i am Rockhopper how want to be my buddy and have my all items just resent a letter in http://www.khalood924.wordpress.com

92. michael parsa - August 31, 2007

i love delta trooper

93. deltatrooper - August 31, 2007

there is no green floatie but i will try

94. hey_girlfriend! - September 2, 2007

A pink penguin black hoodie,black hockey stick

Also a blue penguin with blue horns, hockey stick and a blue skatebord

And a pink penguin with gem necklace, spralely pink dress with golden crown

95. hey_girlfriend! - September 2, 2007

Hi deltatrooper can i make one for my friends?

96. chewitdude - September 2, 2007

y know i dont relly want that i want a supersoince speed mashoin

97. sila - September 2, 2007

love it!

98. nintendo11 - September 6, 2007

hey can i make a penguin if i can this is what i will wear. A pink scarf with a gost costume, bunny slipers,a gold crown and a green guitar

99. nintendo11 - September 6, 2007

how do i get to my penguin

100. cheesedo - September 9, 2007

Orange penquin, ghost outfit wearing viking helmut

101. Joverzky - September 11, 2007

hello. . . can i have a pirate set?? like rockhopper?? or mrs. hopper?? thanks. .

102. klll600 - September 12, 2007

great!!! Can i hav blue electric guitar,ninja belt, superhero cape and mask and ninja mask.plz help me get those stuff thnx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

103. Claire - September 12, 2007

can i have a pixel penguin please

104. timmy - September 12, 2007

ninja senior ok i want a yellow vicking helment
and a yellow pufle and a yellow penguin and a ghost costume

105. brandon - September 14, 2007

can i have a pixel penguin
head:black cowboy hat
neck:cowboy banndana
body:cowboy vest
feet:cowboy boots
thx iv never had on. e-mail to me at broncobrandon@msn.com

106. brandon - September 14, 2007

o and name it broncosrock7

107. deltatrooper - September 14, 2007

i will try to do as many penguins as i can but i cant do any more for a while
Pixel penguins is closed until i reach 70,000 hits due to real life events
Sorry for any Inconvenience
cya later

108. tiki0117 - September 18, 2007

i am cool

109. Rio - September 22, 2007

hi delta!

110. brandon - September 26, 2007

come on im a black rader and ive fought with them and uve got over 73,000 hits so PIXEL PENGUIN NOW PLZ

111. melody242433 real name crystal - September 30, 2007

can i have a pink thin dress, a pink scarf, a floppy purple hat, and a blue skateboard on a pink penguin?thanx

112. brandon - October 1, 2007

hey delta im sry i put that im guna report u to wordpress i was just in a bad mood and ive never had a pixel penguin befor so im sry and i hope ull forgive me 4 it o and i made my name so that ppl will visit this site bye .and ur the best

113. brandon - October 5, 2007

come oooon im so sad

114. Sarah - October 5, 2007

where are all the clothes on this page cuz they are so cool and i want them badly for the halowwen costume contest

115. Sarah - October 5, 2007

how do you get a pixel penguin i want one yay!!

116. Sarah - October 5, 2007

me want to know so plz tell me soooooooooooooooooooo soon

117. clay400 - October 5, 2007

hey deltatrooper wat up your awesome!!!!

118. Matthew - October 7, 2007

I want to be a pixel penguin on Clubpenguin too! My penguin that I want to make a pixel penguin is called Fano Rulz. Can I please have the Red Hoodie, the Christmas Scarf, the Orange Football Helmet, the lime green Guitar, and the Black Sneakers?

I am not a member with this penguin, so will it still work? Do I only wear the clothes on this website or can penguins on Clubpenguin see me waddling around with this stuff? Oh yeah! Can i have the Clover pin? Please write back as soon as possible!

Fano Rulz

119. Chatty - October 7, 2007

I want a penguin just like timmy

120. Rubyscoobydu - October 8, 2007

And with a lime guitar!

121. lukeholland - October 9, 2007

plz make me 1 🙂

122. xxprincessellyxx - October 13, 2007

dear deltatrooper, i want a pink pixel penguin with a gold bikini plz. p.s can i have a puffle with it or not? p.p.s pink puffle plz! p.p.p.s and a pink cope. p.p.p.p.s sorry for all the p.s p.p.p.s p.s!

123. xxprincessellyxx - October 13, 2007

hee haa

124. noopy100 - October 14, 2007

Hey can you get me one…heres my penguin…
Head:Wizard Hat
Arms:Fishings Rod Ok just give me all the items on your list…If you want to comment me back.Just comment at rachelannebuchanan@hotmail.com

125. auntalaska - October 16, 2007

when do i get one and where does it show up

126. lowesjimmie - October 18, 2007

can i plz have it now?o and can u add my site to ur blogrole? its http://lowesjimmie.wordpress.com

waddle on,

127. Barroki 1234 - October 20, 2007

I want:

128. joey453 - October 21, 2007

i want one!

129. joe mama - October 21, 2007

puck pengiun oooooooooooooooooo

130. wallus2 - October 24, 2007

I want

131. lscola - October 27, 2007

where do u get that wizard hat? i totally want it i have no kandoo where they are so please answer back buh bixxxx
deltatroopers comment: you cant get it it is an old item i have it though

132. mclash12 - November 1, 2007

id like an orange paty hat a scarf blue penguin and the pumpkin basket

133. renan - November 3, 2007


134. deltatrooper - November 3, 2007

i want to delete this site

Deltatroopers comment: yea well good luck with that… if you really want to give me your real e-mail address and ill blow your pc with viruses

135. narniapengi - November 7, 2007

lol..nice pixels!!

136. guin678 - November 17, 2007


137. Scarlet Xoxo - November 18, 2007

Oh yeah and if you have puffles I wannt a pink one and my name is Scarlet Xoxo

138. kaderkid - November 22, 2007

war master plz come online i need war im bored online plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzpzlzplz>thank u if ya do oh and war master im stealthy and u havent updated me on ur main website

139. summer - November 28, 2007

club penguin!!!!

140. summer - November 28, 2007

cheats oh yeah

141. summer302071 - November 28, 2007

make sure ur good at club penguin

142. Gosper2 - November 28, 2007

my name is gosper2

143. Chaos 897289 - November 29, 2007

pls answer me now pls pls pls!!!!!!!!!!!

144. WILLIAM COHOON - December 5, 2007

PIXEL PENGUINS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

145. WILLIAM COHOON - December 5, 2007

And you have awesome cheats lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

146. Snipepin - December 9, 2007

Pixel penguins are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!1

147. Snipepin - December 9, 2007

Pixel penguins rock the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(And CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

148. cabbasb - December 10, 2007

how you make one

149. badwolf123 - December 10, 2007

I want pixel penguins for free!!!!!

150. Hayley - December 17, 2007

I love pixel penguins!

151. jty2 - December 21, 2007

i would like a pixel penguin with a lime green guitar and a sk8board plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

152. Bingo90 - December 25, 2007

Myy Namee Iss Bingo902

Urr Cheats Aree Cool Orr Shouldd Ii Sayy……………..Wicked!!!!LOL!!

from Bingo902

153. cheat11 - December 29, 2007

can i have one

154. jkwa - January 3, 2008

how do u do this plz can i have one

155. FEEFEEBANDIT - January 31, 2008

this is gonna be kool

156. jessica78990 - February 2, 2008

i love clubpenguin its so cute i love penguins im a member

157. Trivel64 - February 9, 2008


158. kieran500 - February 10, 2008

woohoo i want one watever it is

159. kieran500 - February 10, 2008

k howd you get one

160. kieran500 - February 10, 2008

please i beg

161. kieran500 - February 10, 2008

me+pixel=joy IF

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