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Yellow puffle! November 30, 2007

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The yellow puffle is now out!

Along with Some furniture

Here is a picture



many of you prablaly think i forgot about the cheats but i found a virus in the program and i am fixing it dont try to find this program because it contains a virsus the trogan it comes up on most anti-viruses and some are saying that its normal but its not i’m fixing it now.

it means there will be a small set back but dont worry i’ll handle it ūüėČ

Cya later


Cheats by moi Delta

Heres my leaving countdown…



New room!!! November 17, 2007

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As you can see theres a new room.

to move the light in the space ship click it and drag

to get to the top go to the curtains and click up there

to change all the tvs just click them

theres something about those puffles but i dont know yet

anyway check out the new catalouges and i be realeaseing the cheats later… much later sorry

also there are some really cool costumes out! check them out

also the yellow puffle has been sighted again at halloween it was sighted twice and now its in the drama theatre

heres a snap shot! yellow-puffle-1.pngyelow-puffle-2.pngyeelow-puffle-3.pngyellow-puffle-4.png

100,000 hits! November 9, 2007

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Thanks everyone for making my site so popular i have now reached 100,000 hits thanks to all of you!

I was thinking of making you wait til the dreaded day comes to realse the cheats but i desided to add a few more cheats just to make the wait worth while there is now a money cheat aswell! and im trying to add more so stay with me for a few more months also check out the new catalouge there arn’t anygood cheats so im not posting them just now

also rockhoppers back keep an eye open for him and get the gold winged helmet from his ship

Clubpenguin cheat How To Become A Moderator… November 1, 2007

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Hey its delta here and i have sad news and its quite argent i just want to say its been fun but it can’t last forever first there with be a new Admin! then… who knows

Anyway The greatest clubpenguin cheat ever known to¬†most good cheaters is going to be relesed some people like to call these hacks of glitches but this one is definitly a hack dont worry i virus checked it you so you dont take any risks ūüôā

i’d just like to say something, All the¬†clubpenguin cheats and clubpenguin hack and clubpenguin glitches and news came from me not just some guy visiting paintboys site and copying it and not just some paintboy who is ( a 19 year old geek )

I’ll post the new clubpenguin cheat later and another post about sites.

Cheats from me to you Deltatrooper

Free item for The 2nd anniversary! October 24, 2007

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Hey there are 3 spiral hats types in clubpenguin and the newest one came out today but be warned its only out today and you dont want to miss it ( in the book reading area )

Here are some pictures




sorry but for somereason i can’t get a picture of upstairs

but anyway you get the jist hope you enjoy this party as much as the halloween one

cya later

clubpenguin cheats by Deltatrooper

New pin + hair styles + inf money cheat ( well kinda ) October 12, 2007

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Hey I’m still here!

Heres the news….

Theres a new pin, more info on a new clubpenguin cheat, and pictures of hair styles

ok firstly the new pin and hair styles

heres some pics


So the pin is in the pet shop theres new furniture in the gift shop + hair styles

heres a pic



And heres me


Theres a bit taken out because of the new clubpenguin cheat thats going to be released

i’ll tell you a little more about it now

Its a clubpenguin cheat that can make you an mod and have inf money

it’s going to be released soon and its not very new but its very good

Anyway that all


The best clubpenguin cheats in the world by deltatrooper

Sorry homework and france in the way of cheats! October 10, 2007

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Sorry i went to france for weeks and because of missing school they gave me all the work i missed in homework!

i know its horrible! so i’ve kinda been taken away from the p.c + Cp But no worries i’m back! and ready

I know i missed alot of news but if you havn’t lost faith in me yet… Here come the cheats

To get the red guitar click the blue roller skates


To get fairy wings click on the strap on the princess ( page 3 )


To get the red viking helmet click the yellow penguins head

click on and off 4 times for the blue helmet ( page 1 )


To get swim goggles click the designer glasses ( page 15 )


hey get your fashon mind in because theres a new fashion contest + the contest made by me


also coming soon how to become a billy bob…

clubpenguin cheats by deltatrooper

same post more news!

Updated cheats on general cheats three new clubpenguin cheats or clubpenguin glitches

plus an all new clubpenguin hack thats how to become billybob

Coming up next post a reminder of a cheat

the nubbing cheat

cya later!

Fall Party + glitch! September 22, 2007

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sorry for not posting latly

This party is mainly about easy games for little tickets you can use to buy with.

 heres what you can get     

and more to come

For some reson when i went in mamoth last night the tickets started riseing madly i had almost 9000 tickets wanted to test if this was a cheat so i logged off then on the same way and had gone

oh well i can say bye to that cheat.

here are my high scores

wheel spin

not an edit i had two people helping me.

pictures coming soon.

oh yea and i met vital viper ( ya know… hes a boring guy )

Cya later