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New room!!! November 17, 2007

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As you can see theres a new room.

to move the light in the space ship click it and drag

to get to the top go to the curtains and click up there

to change all the tvs just click them

theres something about those puffles but i dont know yet

anyway check out the new catalouges and i be realeaseing the cheats later… much later sorry

also there are some really cool costumes out! check them out

also the yellow puffle has been sighted again at halloween it was sighted twice and now its in the drama theatre

heres a snap shot! yellow-puffle-1.pngyelow-puffle-2.pngyeelow-puffle-3.pngyellow-puffle-4.png



1. Jakzar - November 17, 2007

Visit http://www.jakzar.wordpress.com today!
It’s cool!
It’s fun!
It’s even got an interactive mission that I created!
Plus aaaaaaaalllllll of those videos I made!
So, I’ll see you there!
And Be sure to leave a comment!
8) ~Jakzar~ 8)

2. Darren - November 18, 2007

Yes nice room.But i have a big problem,when i go to open the costume catolog evertime tell me to clear my cache.I,m very sad!!

3. red4000 - November 19, 2007

Come to my site please. http://www.Red4000.wordpress.com Thank You!

4. simmer27 - November 20, 2007

can i be on ur blogroll ? my site is http://www.simmer27.wordpress.com and i hjav been coimng to ur site sinse u had 40,000 hits

5. Simultaneous - November 23, 2007

hi deltatrooper whats ur email? i once treied to email u but i wanna put u on my blogroll

6. spor36 - November 24, 2007

Can you please please get spor36 a yellow puffle

7. crazyninjadude01 - December 4, 2007


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