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Fall Party + glitch! September 22, 2007

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sorry for not posting latly

This party is mainly about easy games for little tickets you can use to buy with.

 heres what you can get     

and more to come

For some reson when i went in mamoth last night the tickets started riseing madly i had almost 9000 tickets wanted to test if this was a cheat so i logged off then on the same way and had gone

oh well i can say bye to that cheat.

here are my high scores

wheel spin

not an edit i had two people helping me.

pictures coming soon.

oh yea and i met vital viper ( ya know… hes a boring guy )

Cya later


Game update + Weekly vote June 27, 2007

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Hey you know Billy-bob said there was gonna be some game updates well the first update was on surfs up!

and on the home page for clubpenguin there is a weekly vote idea they are having a vote about hat you want to see in the binoculars i voted for octopus

heres a picture…


i’ll post again on friday for the news

Hey new discovery there might be a new level on Surfs Up about rough waves due to the storm coming on saturday! i think i played the level when clubpenguin were making the level.

thats all for now

Wait i am wrong! that rough wave has nothing to do with it but….


it’s not a fake this was on competion!

and i learnt somthing from it! heres a tip do tricks while shooting tube and you get more points quicker!

Cya Later!

New Game…Surfs Up! June 5, 2007

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This game is quite interesting but doesn’t pay much really like what clubpenguin have done to make it

But i think this is not the game to play if you want coins

It could be but i’ve only played it three times i i was rubbish… well 50 is bad

heres a picture


heres another pic before i go…


 Its very Long So click for bigger picture!

I’m Getting Cheats soon

Cya Later everyone!

NEW GAME CHEATS!!! February 27, 2007

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new game! CHEATS!!!

i know how you can double the ammout of money you get on the new game ( u nomaly get 5 coins a pizza now you get 10!)

heres a pic that shows you were to click

pizzatron300secret1.png if you cant see it its the lever

heres a pic of the party for the new game!


click for bigger image!

New game!!! February 22, 2007

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a new games comeing out on the 26th look on the newpaper to see its called the 3000

i gess u have to click on a ingreadiant then put it on the pizza

heres a pic.. .newgame.png

in other news the clock towers comeing out TOMOROW!! and its not a room sadly its just a clock in the snow forts

billy bob says because its not a room there wont be a party.

but he might change his mind…